Meet Turtle Rover

Open platform you can adapt to your needs.

Enter the Turtle rover, a mobile robot sturdy enough to explore harsh terrain. Aimed at makers and drone enthusiasts, Turtle is a four-wheel ground drone that can drive for up to four hours on a single charge of its included battery, with control facilitated via an app that’s compatible with most computers, tablets and smartphones.
Turtle is built on the mini computer you love – Raspberry Pi 3. On top of that we added our custom hat with STM32 microcontroller.


If you want to add some sensors or any other equipment we’ve prepared connectors with power supply and popular communication interfaces.


Connect and start coding!

Open source platform
Use Turtle Rover as a land drone for cave and urban exploration, as a development platform for navigation and autonomy algorithms or even for business, as a robot carrying special 3D-scanning or inspection equipment.
You are limited only by your own imagination!

Do you want to build your own Earth Rover? Get inspiration from Turtle Rover and make what you love!

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