Weight: 8,5kg

RaspberryPi inside

2MPx CMOS camera

Assemble on your own


Starting at $1349, Turtle is the base you can work with.

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you want to build a robot, focus on the add-ons and the functionalities that really matter.

Turtle Rover is a stable platform you can deploy outdoor as it’s waterproof and built tough enough for extreme environment.

See how to get yours


Designed by winners of international Mars Rover Challenges.

Let’s bring space technology back to Earth! – Hear our story.

It’s only up to you how the Rover works.

Turtle Rover is open-source and built on RaspberryPi. You can put up to 5 kg of equipment on top and it’s waterproof. With open USB, I2C and Ethernet connections you can use any of-the-shelf components to provide new functionalities.

Learn the code on GitHub

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Find a version that fits you best:


Community Develoment Kit


Use your own 3d-printer and become a Turtle Developer. Gain access to 3D-printer .stl files, customize the design to your needs and show your work to the Community.


Turtle Rover Maker Kit


Don’t want to spend hours printing your own Turtle Rover? Get a box of parts for assembly and start developing new addons that may extend the Rover functionalities.


Turtle Rover (assembled)


Need a sturdy and reliable platform to work with? Order your ‘full-metal’ Turtle Rover.
The expandable Rover that proofed itself to withstand extreme conditions.

Turtle is the one you can use.

Turtle is designed to be useful in all the real-life solutions. Got an idea? Make it happen with Turtle Robotics Development Kit. Take part in Turtle Challenges and build solutions to social and industrial problems of present and future society.

-> Turtle Community blog


Join the robotics revolution.

NASA and ESA plan to send another rover to Mars by 2020.
Spacex wants to send 1M people to Mars in the next 100 years.
Developing the mobile robotics technology together, we can be there when it happens.

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Our vision is to support even the craziest robotics ideas!


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Thank you to all who allowed this project to happen!

Turtle raised €66,720 with 96 great supporters all over the World. Click to see the campaign.