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If you need any support building your own Turtle or need 3D models / prefabricated parts, contact us!



Q: What do I need to build the rover?

A: At first, you’d need a 3D printer and a lot of PLA filament. Regarding how much of the rover you’d like to manufacture on your own, you may need as well a table-drill, little hand-press and a lathe.

Q: What's inside Turtle Rover?

A: Turtle is ‘built around’ Raspberry Pi 3 B with our Turtle-hat connected. The hat provides control over the rover motors, power-management and in/out bus. The hat itself is equipped with STM processor with innovative wireless programming and debugging method designed especially for Turtle.

Q: Can I buy only several parts of Turtle to make the rest on my own?

A: Of course! As we don’t have our online shop established yet, feel free to write on our e-mail: contact@turtlerover.com and we’ll figure out when and how to deliver you the parts you need.

Q: How much does it cost to build the rover by yourself?

A: It highly depends on your skills and equipment. There are some costs you won’t avoid – as RaspberryPi, camera, motors cost are fixed even for us. But only as an estimation, the hardware may cost you ca. $1400

Q: Can I use some part of the hardware for my own project?

A: As long it’s not a commercial use, you can. Even more, we’d be happy to see the design involved in more and more projects worldwide. Most of Turtle’s parts are designed to be used even as standalone equipment. This means you can detach the robotic arm and control it independently, you can detach the camera and connect it directly to you computer and you can even use the wheels for your own mobile robot.

Q: Can I buy Turtle as DIY kit to assemble?